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I Create Good Living

Hello. I'm Katie Smith Owner and Creative Director of K Smith Interiors. And yes it is true, I create a good living. How? I’m an interior designer! And I make life better using the science of interior design. 

10 years ago I decided to follow my passion for home design and obtain a degree in interior design. It took me 4 hard working years to complete my degree/certification. Honestly the best adult decision I have ever made. My education taught me the science of design, and the skills to create good living utilizing this science. Yes, you read that right, interior design is a science!  

Did you know there is an actual language to design? Did you know design’s purpose is to create a response or reaction to the individual. And did you know design can manipulate what kind of experience an individual will have in any environment? For example, a simple placment of a chair can create the reaction of sitting. The elements we arange in our homes and or our businesses will influence our moods, our actions and overtime our everyday living.

Again, this is a science people! No such thing as a “happy accident”, “we got lucky” and or my least favorite…”I think it looks good”. Interior design has intention and purpose. And it is my true love language.

After my education was complete, my design career led me to work with a small boutique construction company, from there I spent some time in a high-end design firm. And one of my favorite pit stops, getting elbows deep in high-end custom cabinet design. Each endeavor allowed me to flex my knowledge and skills all while adding to my tool box to curate good living.


Now my journey continues with a major goal of creating good living for the masses. I thought there was no better way to share my knowledge and passion for interior design than to start a blog. And blog, blog, blog my way into creating good living one post at a time. 

So if you are interested in elevating your everyday life and need a few tricks and tips to create good living in your space, this is the place for you.

Katie Smith

Owner and Creator Director of K Smith Interiors

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